Playable Ads Creation with 2DKit for Facebook, Google, and MRAID with Interactive Video and HTML5


Rapidly Create Premium Quality Playable Ads for Facebook, Google, Unity and IronSource

2DKit Playable Ads for Facebook (and more) load instantly without sacrificing premium features or quality.

They can be created in minutes using our professional-grade HTML5 game engine and visual interactive video tools.

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  • Drive higher quality and higher intent users to install apps
  • Avoid banner blindness with a try-before-you-buy experience
  • Allow people to test drive your app

Playable Ads are the Most Engaging Ad Format

  • 34% lower cost per install (vs. video ad)
  • 6X higher click-through rate (vs. video ad)
  • 40% lower cost per paying user (vs. video ad)
  • 70% lift in Day 7 ROAS (vs. video ad)

Learn More about Playable Ads

Facebook Playable Ads Example

This 2 minute Facebook Playable Ads video shows how to create and publish a premium quality Slingshot Birds playable ad (~400 KB).

Rapidly Create Facebook Playable Ads

Faster initial creative development allows more time to be spent focused on creative optimization.

  • Create your playables in minutes with intuitive visual editor
  • Drag and drop interface for media professionals
  • Simplified wizards for designers
  • Customizable game templates
  • Drag and drop logical building blocks and UI widgets
  • Complete game engine SDK available for engineers

Reach All Playable Ad Networks. Any Device.

Reach your audience wherever they are with 2DKit Playable Ads whether you are using Facebook Playable Ads, Google UAC Playable Ads, Unity Playable Ads, or IronSource Playable Ads.

View full list of Playable Ad Networks supported by 2DKit.

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2DKit powers hundreds of premium quality HTML5 games and ads.

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Games and ads created with 2DKit have won numerous awards.

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