How to Create Appreciate Playable Ads with 2DKit

Follow these steps to create and publish Appreciate

playable ads.


This guide will show you how to create and publish playable ads for Appreciate ad network with 2DKit in just a couple minutes.

The total file size of this playable ad, a Shoot ‘Em Up game will be 239 KB (without gzip).

Sample Project

Relevant Classes

Playable Ad Settings

After you create your playable ad in 2DKit Creator select

Project->Project Settings

Then select the Playable Ads tab.

Enter the Google Play and Apple AppStore URLs for your promoted app.

Note: some testers require an AppStore URL that begins with instead of

Handling the Call to Action

Handling the call to action with an Action in 2DKit Creator.

Drag the NotifyAdClicked action from the ez package folder.

This will call Appreciate.openLandingPage.

A good place to put this call to action is in an end card game over screen.

Handling the call to action with code.

Add the following code to your game to handle the call to action.


This will call Appreciate.openLandingPage.

Publishing the Ad

To publish select the following menu option in 2DKit Creator:

Build->Playable Ads->Publish Appreciate Playable Ad

2DKit will handle building the output in a way that is consistent with Appreciate’s requirements.

In addition 2DKit will also automatically optimize all files in a way that typically results in a 70-90% reduction in file size.

In the received zip file, unzip and locate the folder named appreciate-ad.

In that folder you will find the files you need.