How to Create Facebook Playable Ads Tutorial

Learn how to create and publish Facebook Playable Ad campaigns using 2DKit.

2DKit Facebook Playable Ads load instantly without sacrificing premium features or quality.

They can be created in minutes using our professional-grade HTML5 game engine and visual tools.

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Facebook Playable Ads Creation Video

This 2 minute Facebook Playable Ads video shows how to create and publish a premium quality Slingshot Birds playable ad (~300 KB).

Learn How to Create Facebook Playable Ads with the 2DKit Guide

Go here to learn in detail what you need to know to work with Facebook Playable Ads in 2DKit.

Rapidly Create Facebook Playable Ads with Visual Tools

Faster initial creative development allows more time to be spent focused on creative optimization.

  • Create your playables in minutes with intuitive visual editor
  • Drag and drop interface for media professionals
  • Simplified wizards for designers
  • Customizable game templates
  • Visual scripting features drag and drop logical building blocks and UI widgets
  • Coding not required but power users and engineers have access to complete game engine SDK

Instant Loading

Proven industry leader when it comes to smallest file sizes for playable ads and instant games without sacrificing quality.

Don’t lose users while the playable is loading.