Google Playable Ads Creation and

Follow these ad creative steps for Google Ads ( UAC ) Interactive HTML5 / Playable Ad campaigns.


This guide will show you how to create and publish a playable ad for Google Ads (UAC) with 2DKit in just a couple minutes.

The total file size of this playable ad, a Shoot ‘Em Up game will be 239 KB (without gzip).

Sample Project

Google Playable Ads Video Tutorial

Handling the Call to Action

Handling the call to action with an Action in 2DKit Creator.

Drag the NotifyAdClicked action from the ez package folder.

This will call ExitApi.exit()

A good place to put this call to action is in an end card game over screen.

Handling the call to action with code.

Add the following code to your game to handle the call to action.


This will call ExitApi.exit()

Publishing the Ad

To publish select the following menu option in 2DKit Creator:

Build->Playable Ads->Publish Google Playable Ad

2DKit will handle building the output in a way that is consistent with Google’s requirements.

In addition 2DKit will also automatically optimize all files in a way that typically results in a 70-90% reduction in file size.

You will receive a zip containing


To test go here and check “Select for App Campaigns”:

Upload the

Click the eye icon to show the ad preview.

Play through and click the CTA to verify it shows a confirmation about exit api.


How can I prevent Google h5validator page warnings (e.g. “Missing click tag check” , external ExitAPI) after uploading my 2DKit playable ad zip file?

This means the incorrect Google h5validator page is being used for testing.  There are multiple Google h5validator pages that look similar, so it is important to use the correct one.

Google’s documentation links to the correct h5validator page that should be used for app ads testing.

Use the Adwords h5validator page here (as described in Google’s documentation) with the app install campaign option checked– 

For app install ads and playable ads do not test with any other h5validator pages.  For example this page should NOT be used. 

Is it possible to verify that a CTA click goes to the app store (rather than a test page) before the ad campaign is live?

For many platforms it is expected that you will see a test page after clicking the CTA if the campaign is not live.  If you want to verify that clicking the CTA will properly go to the app store before the campaign is live, you can do the following. Configure the App Store and Google Play links in 2DKit Creator ->Project->Project Settings->Playable Ads Tab and then publish as MRAID as described here– 

How can I prevent Google from displaying an error (e.g. mime type error, etc.) when trying to upload a 2DKit zip file ?

Make sure that you are uploading the file called (found after unzipping the file you receive from 2DKit).  If you try to upload to Google instead of then you will get an error.

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